FEB 2018 - Meeting of the Association

Here are some impressions from our meeting of the committees of the Association and the lunch after it :)





FEB 2018 - School started again

Due to the fact that the vacations are over and the school started again this week, we took the boat to Bwarma with the children from the Islandschool.






Jan 2018 - new LED lights

Some of the children with no lights at their houses would gather in Denis house for homework. His solution: an old and heavy lead truckbattery that he had to transport by boat to the next power outlet to have it charged. The Association provided him now with an LED light bulb that can charge via a solar charger with USB and then provides light all night long. The Musana (=sunshine) solution.




 Jan 2018 - First impressions from Uganda


After a warm welcome, we spent the first visit to Bwama Island! On Bwama we talked to the doctors and teachers of the hospital and schools. Biggest issue is their mobility/logistics and communication situation. Moreover we visited some villages and resorts around the lake by foot and boat in order to meet the people! Here are some impressions!







Jan 2018 - A lot of donations

We are happy about a lot of donations that we can bring to Uganda
- 40 solar charger
- 10 LED lights
- 4 soccer balls
- 1 laptop
- some blocks and pens